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CX Contractor Range - CX1 and CX10 -  ...Added February 25, 2006

 Deltec have launched a new range of install friendly cabinets, the CX10 and the CX1.


Both offer black or white textured enamel finishs, which can be overpainted to match exisiting decor. Both units feature pretapped flying points which are designed to take standard powerdrive brackets.


In common with their existing range of mobile P.A. speakers, all main drivers have been selected from the EMINENCE U.S.A. catalogue. All audio filters use ferrite cored inductors, fibreglass pcb boards, polycarbonate capacitors, and ceramic attenuator resistors, in keeping with the tradition of quality of construction and audio excellence that the Deltec Brand has earnt.






 Power Handling (Watts RMS)



 Dimensions (mm)

 514 x 300 x 301

 304 x 247 x 202

 Nominal Impedance

 8 Ohm

8 Ohm 

 Weight (Kg)




 2 x Neutrix Speakons

2 x Neutrix Speakons 

The CX1 features an 8" concentric driver, to give a very compact speaker. The CX10 features the same components as the GX10, but in a more install friendly, semi trapezoid cabinet design.

Both units are in stock, so why not come in for a demonstration.

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