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Schools & Educational Environments

We specialise in providing Audio Visual and Theatrical Systems that are easy to use, reliable, affordable, and can integrate with your other ICT systems. We welcome the recent PAS122:2009 document as an iniative to improve the standard of fitting such systems. By dealing direct with a specialist like us, you get the systems you need, at an affordable price, with top quality warranty and service.

Recent major projects include Krishna Avanti Primary School - Edgware. This prestigious new build primary school, the first Hindu State School in the UK, has a building wide pageing system, with over 120 speakers and sixteen zones, a main hall AV system including a 4m wide 16:9 projector and screen, PA system and full theatre lighting with motorised stage drapes. There is also a linked second hall PA system, as well as the PA system covering the Temple.

Other recent major projects include a private school in Kensington, where we transformed their bare main hall, in to a fully fledged theatre, with staging and structure to support the motorised stage drapes, curtains and lighting bars. Coupled with a projector and screen, and a traditional PA system, the room was transformed in a full drama and theatrical environment, on a surprisingly modest budget.

We are also more than happy to install systems on a much smaller scale. Many of our projects are much smaller, and many can be fully flight cased, portable PA systems to be redeployed wherever required. We understand, that even on small projects, your money is valuable, and you want to maximise your return on investment. We provide affordable, reliable and simple to use solutions, that will facilitate you and your staff's jobs; to teach.