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Maintenance & Servicing

Our Company prides itself on our after sales service. This includes on site preventative maintenance and repair of recently installed equipment, alongside maintenance of existing systems, so preventing costly breakdowns and down time. We are also happy to provide servicing to equipment not purchased from our company.

We also have staff who are certificated (C&G) to portable appliance test ('PAT testing').

We are often called out to look at systems installed by others, that are no longer working, particularly induction loop systems. We own the necessery test equipment to correctly measure and listen to induction loops systems, and can offer fixes accordingly. Too many companies do not own, or do not understand, this test equipment which makes installation and testing impossible unless you happen to be actually wearing a hearing aid. Too many systems we come across did not work from when they were installed, let alone a few years later.

This amplifier hadn't been serviced in 5 years, and was an obvious fire risk. This level of dust buildup seriously threatens the amplifiers ability to safely manage the heat it can generate, and can drastically shorten component life, leading to expensive repairs or write offs. However, a simple service restored it back to full working order, with no apparent long term damage.
Some systems, particularly induction loops, are difficult to know if they are working correctly. It can be of benefit to perform preventitive maintainence visits to inspect these systems for correct operation. Correctly performed inspection and testing can spot faults before they get serious or cascade to other units in the audio system. For example, an amplifer overheating due to dust build up, could in time cause damage to the speakers connected to it. A preventitive service to clean the amp, means the amp can run at its designed temperature, reducing the risk of fire, and saving expensive repairs to the amplifier and speakers.

Why not give us a call to discuss your system, and we will give you a quote for a service call.