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Design & Audio Consulting Services

On larger projects it is quite common to have consultants appointed to liaise between Architects, Clients and Main Contractors, to clear up problems that arise, and indeed to interpret the Architects and Clients visions into structures that are actually useful, fulfil there design function, and are useable!

However, systems like Public Address (PA) can often become overlooked, and lost in the tender documents for the Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) contracts. This leads to systems that end up costing more than expected, get completely overlooked, or don't fulfil any useful function.

We have been involved in numerous projects, where we have been a specialist sub-contractor to the main consulting agency, or appointed PA specialist consultants by the client to ensure the Public Address system was not overlooked.

Significantly, we have worked with TFL-London Buses for nearly 10 years, in suggesting solutions to new build and refurbished stations, and how modern PA systems can make the day to day running of busy bus stations much easier for staff, and more useful to passengers.

This started in 1998/9, with trials of classical music being played in stations which suffered from anti-social behaviour. Very quickly, a measurable saving in repair costs of vandalism became evident, so much so that London Buses now routinely play classical music in internal waiting areas, to counter anti-social behaviour. It also, if played at a responsible volume, makes a boring wait for the bus more pleasant for the great majority of customers.

We have also developed significant new technologies that allow London Buses to communicate with there passengers more efficiently. Particularly important is the range of microphone consoles, which also allows staff to record messages to be automatically played back to the public. This is used to alert the public to delays or issues with service. Importantly, these are also used with ambient noise systems which means the messages are audible, but not intrusive, so minimising issues of noise pollution or annoyance, something that has recently been detrimentally in the press regarding London Underground's equivalent system.

Thanks to nearly 40 years of experience within the PA industry, we have grown up with the continually evolving technologies available. Through our unique viewpoint, we can apply these latest technologies in new and novel ways, often beyond what the manufacturers had even thought of. Similarly, by simple lateral thought, existing, affordable technology can be applied in clever ways to provide effective solutions. All too often we come across solutions which are inherently flawed or not able to be upgraded to be suitable, leaving a "bad taste" in the mouth of all concerned, especially for the client who pays for it, or the contractor who gets blamed for it.

By using our consulting services, we can avoid such problems at the design stage. We fundamentally believe in a soft "interrogation" of the client to find out what they actually want or need, and what they expect the system to actually achieve. We can also suggest features that the client isn't aware of, but would significantly improve the overall performance. By creating a clear brief initially, and explicit tender documentation, the end system fits the client's requirements exactly. This gives contractors a clear idea of what is expected, performance criteria that can be measured in black and white, and clear pre-defined routes of putting things right in the unlikely event of it not meeting specification. This simple "Does What is Says on the Tin" approach makes the actual process of fitting a PA system wonderfully simple, and proceed smoothly and correctly, and on budget!!

On all the PA systems where we have been involved with the consulting process, the end product has been exactly what the client needed, meeting with the architects vision of the job, and was fitted with minimum burden to the contractors. All have been finished on time, by simply communicating and liaising with the contractors, and all have been successfully completed on budget.

If this sounds like the sort of straightforward, no-nonsense approach missing on your PA specifications, contact us to see how we can assist your next project.