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Car Mounting PA System -  ...Added April 22, 2006

We have developed a high quality Car Mounting PA System, which is easy to deploy, and will fit virtually any vehicle with a roof!

Car Mounted PA System Adastra 50W Mains Or Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Powered






Car Mounting PA System - Features:

  • Very Robust & Powerful Design.

  • 12 Volt DC Operation From A Cigarette Lighter Socket. (Can Also Be Powered By 240v AC)

  • 50 Watt RMS Amplifier Output.

  • Sound Pressure Level At 6 Metres 109.2dB.

  • Push To Talk 'Shure' Hand Held Microphone.

  • Facility To Connect An External CD Or Cassette Player For Playback Of Pre-Recorded Messages Or Music Reproduction.

  • Horn Speakers Weatherproof To IP65 Rating.

  • Vocal Frequency Range 250Hz To 5Khz, Music Range 250Hz to 10KHz 

  • Horn Speakers Can Be Directed To Both Pan And Tilt.

 All this, ready to use, for Only 424 + VAT

Nationwide UK Mainland Delivery 15 inc VAT

Call us to order yours, Today!!

We also stock a wide range of megaphones and other outdoor and indoor PA system solutions.

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