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Routemaster Conversion -  ...Added August 1, 2005

 We were asked to work on this rather unusual project, after previously working for GE healthcare, providing portable conferenceing equipment. This is, perhaps, just the next logical step!

AV company, the AV Specialists, and our selves were contracted to kit out the bus, and turn it into a complete conferencing facility. Whilst AVS worked out how to secure 2 Pioneer 42" plasma screens into the vehicle, we had the task of providing high quality sound, whilst having very discrete speakers.


 After a long search we found a great solution, using traditional speaker drivers, for full range sound, but being less than 2" thick. Using a custom fabricated, colour coded bracket, the speakers fitted exactly into the curved corner of the bus, on both top and bottom decks.


 The amp rack, which we managed to shoe horn into the under stair luggage compartment, was filled with components we felt sure would survive the rigours of a bus journey, featuring a Cloud Mixer and amplifiers, with 4 Shure PGX range UHF radio mics. The system is stereo, with seperate volume controls for each deck.

Source material comes from the DVD player, or from the Lap top plug in point, which routes audio and video from any standard Laptop, into the system.



 The end result was a smooth, consistent sound coverage, at good level for both pre-recorded or live mic sound, whilst managing to be discrete and rugged.

We wish RML2784 a safe journey!


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