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New ASL PA/VA system at Walthamstow Bus Station -  ...Added July 25, 2004

 Walthamstow now has a fresh new bus station, which offers much improved facilitys for bus users in the area.

In keeping with state of the art design and features throughout, we were asked to evaluate a new range of equipment, from PA manufacturers Applications Solutions Ltd, to check its suitability for this project. After meeting with ASL at there R&D establishment in Lewes, we were suitably impressed with there products, and agreed that it was perfect to fulfill the ever evolving needs of London Buses.


The front of the canopy, with 3 discrete, colour matched sound projectors supplied by Premier Acoustics

 The PA rack features DC surveillance on all speaker cabling, with all other system cabling being fully monitored.

Battery Backup allows for full, normal, use in the event of power failures, whilst swap-over amplifiers are employed in the event of an amplifier failure.

Monitoring, routing and all audio control is provided by a DSP Router, which also logs any anomolies or faults to assist with quick fault finding and system maintainence.


The Main PA Rack.

 Whilst the PA Rack equipment was "off the shelf", most other components required customisation to fit the exacting requirements of London Buses. All speakers were custom powder coated to the same RAL number as the roof canopy. A custom stainless steel cabinet to house one of the concourse microphones was also commissioned to our design.


Custom Stainless Steel Enclosure for the Concourse Microphone

 2 other microphones allow the Station staff the ability to page to different areas around the site, whilst a custom messaging system allows the staff to record announcements on site, and have them played through the system automatically.


 The system also features background music in the toilets. This is something that we have trialed at other sites for London Buses, and have found that playing Classical Music cuts down on vandalism and other antisocial behaviour within Bus Stations.


More speakers, again colour coded to match the canopy.

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