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LED Uplighters -  ...Added December 3, 2015

We now offer a range of Outdoor IP rated LED Uplighters!

The following pictures are of a recent event at Walthamstow Assembly Hall, where we lit the front of the building, with just 8 waterproof lighting units.

Walthamstow Assembly Hall - Cyan Lighting
LED Uplighters Walthamstow Assembly Hall

Red Uplighting:
Walthamstow Assembly Hall LED Uplighters

Green Lighting:
Lighting - Walthamstow Assembly Hall

A very "on-trend" magenta or hot pink:
Walthamstow Assembly Hall - Magenta Uplighters

An example of multiple different colours - any one of the 8 heads, can be any colour:
Mulicolor LED Uplighters - Walthamstow Assembly Hall

Walthamstow Assembly Hall venue lighting

The units are fully waterproof, and offer Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White and UV individual colours, which can be mixed to any colour you can think of! We can also offer rainbow effects, where individual heads can be set on different colours, or all the heads can scroll through a range of colours, all from a remote control.

We offer a package, including delivery, set-up, and collection, please ring us for more details - 020 8520 3401

We also offer various packages for uplighting and mood lighting for inside Walthamstow Assembly Hall, too.

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