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Mini Holland Scheme -  ...Added September 26, 2014

Added by: Matt Stolton - Director

Mini-Holland Scheme:

From Today, 26th September 2014, for 3 weeks, the Waltham Forest Council is "Trialling" (Meaning putting it in place, with minimum consultation to those effected!) a scheme, which on the face of it, is good. To promote cycling across London, and improve public spaces, and generate new open public spaces.

However, the implementation of it is ridiculous, and goes way beyond what is necessary to "trial" the scheme.

For you, our customers, you will need to get to us by a different route. Due to the numerous road closures, pretty much the only way to get to us is from Lea Bridge Road, then Merton Road, Beulah Road, and the one way street outside us, has now changed its direction!

The .pdf below show the road closures, and shows how we suggest you get to us. The council seems oblivious to the fact that you can't really strap a set of our speakers to a push-bike very safely, and cars are safer for collecting your hire equipment from us!

Today, as they implement the changes, to say it is a mess, is a bit of an understatement. Rather than close the roads and change the road signs overnight, they seem to be spending today, piece meal, bringing in  the scheme, so just drive up however you can, up whatever roads haven't been blocked off, or had the no entry signs put up.

To quote Douglas Adams, "We Apologise For The Inconvenience", and only hope this daft scheme gets sacked off as quickly as possible. However, being LBWF, they will probably just carry on with it, completely ignoring the wishes of the electorate. Long Live Democracy? Ultimately this is one small cog in them getting £30M from TFL over three years, so they can complete the redevelopment of the Hoe Street Gyratory, so you can guess how this is going to end up.

The good news is that the week-day free parking outside our shop, is still free for 30 minutes, and on Saturdays, free parking around us persists.

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