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New systems for loads of lucky people... -  ...Added March 18, 2013

The new year has started well for us, and the extra few minutes of daylight each day, have been needed for us to squeeze in all the recent work!

First up, another bus station. Waltham Cross is one of the most northern of TFL's Bus stations, and is a major interchange to places outside of the M25. We were tasked with moving the PA system rack, due to a refurb, which we fitted back in 2003.

It was complicated by the fact that this rack was shared between ourselves and the CCTV provider, so we had to make extra careful we didn't disturb each others systems. 

After a lot of crawling through the ceiling, to run the new cables, the system was back online with only 5 hours of downtime.

2 schools now have new sound system too, Carterhatch Junior School, Enfield, and Parkhill Junior School, Clayhall. Both had similar systems for there main school halls, featuring radio mics, soundcraft mixers, W-Audio power amps, and speakers.

Both jobs had to be done on strict budgets, and very tight deadlines, as both of these schools use there halls extensively. We wish them well with there new systems.

Finally, something a little different for us, a Gymnasium. Those of you who have met us, may be aware that none of us have visited a Gym in some time, we tend to be more pie/pint orientated. However, Leytonstone school, where we have previously installed their Drama and Main Hall Theatre lighting systems, got us back in for their gym.

This gym, open to the public outside school hours, is used by the pupils during the day. However, much as it has all the treadmills and machines of a normal Gym, it was missing out on some of the niceties associated with other Fitness Clubs.

We fitted 4 LCD screens, their signal being fed from a matrix switcher, itself being fed from 3 Sky sources, and a Blue Ray player. Any TV can show any of the sources. We also fitted a wireless sound system, powered from the machine it is mounted on. Simply plug in your headphones, select which TV you want to listen too, and "get sweaty".

The foyer 50" screen also has a feed from a PC, so it can show advertising messages. All in Full HD. We wish Lloyd and all his staff all the best for the future!

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