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QSC RMX Amplifiers -  ...Added January 14, 2013

We are pleased to announce we have added some new amplifiers to our hire fleet.


We have added the QSC RMX850, RMX1450, QSC RMX2450 and the real beasts, QSC RMX4050HD, to our ever increasing fleet of reliable, yet affordable, hire equipment inventory. These are all flight cased ready for work.

We choose the QSC RMX range, due to there rugged and reliable reputation, and good density of power. By holding stock of 4 different powers of amp, there is one for every type of event.

Load Per Channel
8 Ohm
0.1% THD
260W 450W 650W
4 Ohm
0.1% THD
400W 650W 1300W
2 Ohm
1% THD
700W 1200W 2000W
8 Ohm Bridged Mono
0.1% THD
800W 1100W 2600W
4 Ohm Bridged Mono
1% THD
1400W 1800W 4000W
Price Per Day £20 + VAT £30 + VAT £35 + VAT £40 + VAT


Related Documents:
RMX 2U Manual http://media.qscaudio.com/pdfs/manuals/RMX_User_Manual.pdf
RMX 3U Manual http://www.qsc.com/pdfs/manuals/RMX_3RU_user_manual_EN_revF.pdf

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