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New PAS 122:2009 -  ...Added January 9, 2010

The British Standards Institution (BSI), sponsored by BECTA, have recently released a new Publicly Available Standard (PAS) which aims to improve the quality of AV installations, PAS 122:2009.

The PAS gives a client a way of auditing the quality of an AV installation, primarily relating to Projectors and Screens, interactive white boards, through to the associated audio system. It also provides a minimum general specification to the way in which the AV installation should be carried out.

Installers who comply with the specification, and follow the framework outlined within the PAS, will offer a safer, more rigorous and higher level of quality to the AV installation.

Whilst it is sad that this document is required, through the persistence of poor quality installations, we welcome this document's aims and objectives, and anything that marginalises shoddy workmanship and poor practices is good for the industry as a whole, and to our clients.

To this end, we would hope that Clients adopt this specification, and ask for there installers to comply with it.

At Wilding Sound, we are proud to say that we already practice the majority of the recommendations for best practice outlined in the PAS 122:2009, and promise to fully adopt its framework guidance. You should too!

To date, there is no way of proving accreditation or competence, and we recognise this as a weakness in our industry, which allows too many “cowboys” to flourish. We are initiating discussions of ways to accredit individuals and companies, with various trade bodies, to make it easier for clients to find PAS 122:2009 competent installers.

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