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Upgrade to Library PA System -  ...Added March 28, 2008

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In 2004, we initially fitted a simple paging system, to allow the librarians to communicate with the busy library on mass. Whilst they have been happy with the system, it was time for some improvements.

The initial design was a simple all call paging system, broadcasting a microphone to all areas simultaneaously. This first version also featured a tape deck, allowing staff to record messages to play back as required. This was used for playing the closeing message at the end of the day.

Whilst this was a very budget friendly solution, a better solution was required.

At the same time as improving the pre-recorded messages, the equipment rack location had to be changed, further speakers added to a new area of the library, and a second microphone fitted.

The layout of the library is unusual, in that the two seperate main rooms, are linked by a bridge. Architechturally, very impressive to look at, but an absolute nightmare to pass cables over!

We managed to completely disguise the new and old cabling, by hiding them in the shadow line of the wooden wall.

The new automated messaging system features an Audio Storage unit, which records and playbacks audio from a flash card. It is controlled by a Programmable logic controller (PLC), which instructs the unit to playback the messages, which let the users know the library is going to close in 30, 15, 10, and 5 minutes time, and that the library is actually closed. This is further complicated by term and vacation opening hours being different, but a simple switch allows the staff to cater for this eventuallity. The PLC also self corrects for BST/GMT.

As normal, the refurb was completed on budget, and actually ahead of schedule!

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