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The Switch Bar, South Woodford -  ...Added February 1, 2007

The Switch bar, London E18, formerly known as Jets, has had a complete facelift. Part of this was a new PA and AV system, which we installed.


Under the name of Jets, and for its former owner, we had looked after the venue for nearly a decade, so we were very happy to be invited by the new owners to carry on!

The system allows high quality background music throughout the building, but with enough "oomph" to handle the late night and weekend entertainment duties.

There are also three 42" plasmas fitted, which are independantly switched to allow different programme material to be viewed on each.


We also allowed for future expansion, by installing sufficient AV capability for a fourth screen, which we have recently fitted.

We also recently fitted a camera system, which allows the act in the main bar to be seen on all the screens around the building.

We wish the new owners continued succes with this bar, and hope to be involved for another decade!


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