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Cemetery Open Day -  ...Added August 18, 2006

Sunday 13th August 2006 - City Of London Cemetery Open Day!!


As part of our continuing work for the City Of London, we were invited to provide a solution for there commerative event, celebrating their 150th anniversary.

We provided a paging system, so that the information tent could speak on mass to the main exhibition area, and keep visitors aware of events happening throughout the day.


Further to this we also supplied and engineered the main entertainment marquee, which involved a rather eclectic mix of a 7 peice steel band, an electro-acoustic harpist, and a bag pipe player!! Luckily for Matt, our engineer, they didn't play at the same time.

Despite the horrific weather conditions, the show carried on, with over 3000 people in attendance.


The technical spec was straight forward, but had to be compact to fit under the small space of the marquee. We used our 16 channel compact Soundcraft desk, running through a simple out board processing rack, feeding into a QSC PLX3402.

This then fed 4 beyma wedge monitors, chosen for there balanced sound, from a compact enclosure, but stand mounted, to get good projection. They also proved to be particularly water resilient!

Pantonic Steel Orchestra

  Sheila Watts - Electro Acoustic Harp


Trevor Sharp - Bagpipes par excellence!

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